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Greetings friends around the world!

Welcome to the new SevenTimes Journal. This is an experiment into turning SevenTimes into a bible magazine filled with knowledge to allow God to open your understanding to His Marvelous Truth!.

May God bless you.

Ken Browder, Editor

How I Study God’s Word .. It Might Help You Too

Bible study has always been a very difficult thing for most people. The King James English of the 1611 edition KJV Bible causes many misunderstandings in a lot of people. However, some just can’t seem to find the time to READ the Bible, much less study it!

However, I would like to point out very strongly that STUDY and READING are TWO distinctly different things. Many think that when they find something interesting and pause during their reading to look up a dictionary definition or maybe another scripture that they remember, that this is “studying”. It just isn’t so.

The following article will give anyone who really wants to STUDY God’s Word some tips and will do a Bible study on just one verse as a tutorial to help one study.

If you are interested and would like to learn more about “study”, please click the link.


Our Righteousness – Filthy Rags!

I recently had someone quote this Scripture to me:

Isa 64:6 “But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.” KJV…

And then they said,

“The above verse compares our self acts of righteousness to rags that are filthy. IOW they are not clean but filthy. The stain of sin CANNOT be removed by our righteous acts.-“

And, it’s true, the ‘stain of sin’ cannot be removed by ‘our’ self-righteous acts! BUT CAN WE BE RIGHTEOUS?

Please read the short article and find out!!


The One God Controversy! … Revisited

by Ken Browder, Editor

Is there just ONE single, all-powerful God?

Well…. No and YES!

Sound like a recipe for controversy? Yes it is and many former ministers and members of the World Wide Church of God have revamped or “rethought” their original beliefs about Jesus as a God also.

So what IS the truth on this very critical subject? How can we come to know and understand these web sites that promote the ‘one god’ belief which now exists and claim that Jesus is NOT God, but the Son of God?

As Herbert W. Armstrong always did, we must go back to the very beginning. We have to begin to re-evaluate the complete Bible to understand the truth here.

Only when we consider certain things which make the scriptures valid, can we begin to understand the confused thinking of some people!

Please read the entire article with your OWN bible open, praying to the Great God for HIS understanding as you study.


Born Again? … Are You Sure?

Foreword by the Editor.

Christians everywhere are very vocal to tell people they are “born again.” They believe the experience they felt when they knelt at the altar, after the preacher’s altar call, was a “born again” experience and they shout it to the housetops!!

But were they “born again”? What WAS that experience anyway?
Your eternal life could hinge upon your KNOWING exactly what being “born again” really is!!!
Please read the complete booklet by Mr. Vance Stinson, CGI and follow along in your OWN Bible to see what is involved!!!
It is long, and might take several readings to get to the end, BUT IT IS WORTH IT!


What Must I DO To Be Saved?

by Ken Browder, Editor

Traditional Christian churches and preachers would have you believe that there is very little to do to be saved! They teach that all one must do is “just believe in God”, “accept Christ as your personal savior”, and you are saved! They teach that salvation is that tingly feeling one gets when they are in a church, at the altar after an altar call, and have said (in your heart) that you believe in God and accept Christ as your personal savior.

Well, is there ANYTHING a person must DO to be saved, or is it as all traditional Christian preachers say, “Salvation is FREE?”

Why not read the article to find out. Your eternal life MIGHT depend on what you decide!!!


Just WHAT Do You Mean … In The Image of God?

by Ken Browder, Editor

In the book of Genesis chapter 1 and verse 26-27 we are told that MAN was created in the IMAGE of God. We are also told in those same verses that MAN was created MALE and FEMALE.

How are WE created in the image of God? Is God male and female? Does God have genetic makeup whereby HE has X and Y chromosomes which is what it takes in humans to make males and females?


Are You Weary? Discouraged? Beaten Down? Look up!!

by Ben Browder, Associate Editor

Gal 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

So… you call yourself a Christian! You are busy struggling, and striving to do all the good you can, to help as many as possible!! Feeding, clothing and giving shelter to those in need!!! Preaching and teaching ‘that old, old story’ to any who will listen… But things aren’t going well! Evil is on the rise, and terrible things still happen to ‘good’ people! It’s easy to get discouraged- to feel like quitting! Giving up!

We live in an evil world!! Ungodliness is increasing! Sin is rampant! In this world, no matter what you do, evil seems to prevail! These things can cause one to be discouraged. IF you are discouraged, maybe there is a reason!

What can it be?