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Christmas Past

Well, as I expected, my friends and even strangers, are beginning to ask me, “Did you have a Good Christmas?”. I have several responses and I asked one of them if there was such a thing as a “BAD CHRISTMAS”… Of course they couldn’t think of one.. because to think there was a “Bad Christmas” is, as they say, “unthinkable”.

I’m just very glad all the hub bub is over for another year…

Also, the “Was Santy good to you, this Christmas?” Santy? Oh well, I bet he has several names to go by… anyway, again, I’m glad it’s over, until next time.

Sooo, How about you? Did YOU “have a good Christmas”? How do you know? What criteria do you judge it by?? And, I wonder why nobody ever says that they hope Jesus “had a good Christmas”??

He’s the one they are supposed to be honoring and worshiping…

Any way, good or bad, there will always be next year, that is, until Christ returns and ends the Tradition…

Thy Kingdom come!! Thy Will be done!


I’m Confused…

Years ago, before my brother, Ken, died… we would talk a lot..
One day, I just told him that I was confused about some things, and after our discussion, he prayed about it, and subsequently wrote an Article about confusion… I like to pretend that he wrote it just for me, but I know better… it’s for anyone who has ever struggled with scriptures and what they mean… It might be for you… If you have ever been confused about the Bible, Read on…

I’m Confused! by Ken Browder

Have you ever had someone say those words to you when you are
discussing scripture? I have, many times.

Many people believe that scripture is “riddled” with contradictions,
and these “contradictions” will cause confusion unless there is someone
like a priest or preacher to explain it all.

Is this true? What is confusion, anyway?

Webster’s Definition: “A confusing or being confused.
Specifically, a) Disorder. b) Bewilderment. c) Embarrassment. d) Failure to
distinguish between things.”

To Confuse means: “1: To mix up; jumble together; put into disorder.” “2:
To mix up mentally; specifically; a) to bewilder; perplex. b) to embarrass;
disconcert; abash. c) to fail to distinguish between; mistake the identity

That covers quite a lot of things.

My definition, for discussions only about scripture is this: “Confusion is
a state of mind resulting from someone giving equal status and authority,
in their own mind, to two opposing thoughts or ideas ”

To me it is, as my dad used to say, “being caught between a rock and a hard

Two opposing thoughts or ideas cannot have equal status. It is simply not
possible, since they are directly opposed to one another.

This, then, is what happens when someone tries to equate what some
preacher, or church, teaches when it is in direct opposition with what
scripture says. When we are taught something supposedly from scripture by
someone we trust, and it is contrary to what scripture actually says, we
have confusion created in our minds. Things pertaining to God are “mixed up
and jumbled together.” We become “bewildered and perplexed” and at times
“embarrassed” when we cannot “distinguish between” what man says and what
scripture says!

Yes it is disconcerting! Scriptures we THINK we know, and have read
straight from God’s Word, have had doubt cast upon them in our minds.

When that happens, one SHOULD make God the authority and decide that
whoever is teaching something opposite to that has a great

Scripture says:

Romans 3:4 “God forbid: yea, let God be
true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be
justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

No matter how much we respect, trust and love
someone, if they are teaching something that is opposite of God’s Word, we
MUST reject that teaching!! That doesn’t mean we quit loving and respecting
that person. We just need to check out what they teach. Does that make them
our enemy? No, of course not! They simply don’t understand The Word.

We are commanded many places in scripture to be very careful what we
believe and from whom we get our beliefs. God condemns man’s TRADITIONS
unless those traditions are directly from the Word of God!!

There are so many widely held beliefs that have come from mankind’s
teachings that are VERY confusing when compared to what God’s Word really

Let me take a very widely accepted belief as an example, that of “Going to
Heaven or Hell at death.” God’s Word is very plain on this subject, but if
someone wants an INSTANT argument all they need to do is quote the
following scripture.

Jesus said,

“And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that
came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.” John

Almost all people who claim to be Christian will immediately jump on the
bandwagon with an argument against this scripture!

Well, let’s see……Jesus said this long after the death of Abraham,
Isaac, Jacob, David, and many others. Did they “go to heaven?” It would
seem that if ANYONE went to heaven at death, it would AT LEAST have been
King David.

God called David a man after His own Heart. If David was this close to God
Himself, SURELY David would have “gone to heaven,” wouldn’t he? And yet we
read in the Book of Acts this statement:

“Men and brethren, let me freely speak unto you of the
patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried , and his sepulchre is
with us unto this day.” Acts 2:29 “For David is not ascended into the
heavens:…” Acts 2:34

Hmmm….David is “dead and buried” and his “sepulchre” (or grave) was with them at that time. As you
know, a grave is not a grave unless a body is in it. Otherwise it is just a
hole in the ground, right?

Then the writer nails it down that “David is NOT ASCENDED into the

That is a SOLID statement straight out of the bible, but since the
“accepted” teaching is “going to heaven” that scripture can’t be right!!
There MUST be another explanation because it doesn’t mean what it says,
they will tell you.

My reply to that statement is, “Then please tell me what it DOES MEAN!”
Invariable the answer will be, “Well, I don’t know, but it doesn’t mean

Yep….they don’t know what it means, but they KNOW it doesn’t mean what it

That is the kind of confusion I am talking about. A person in that
situation has accepted what they HAVE BEEN TOLD by some man (or woman, or
church) and made it GOSPEL to themselves. Then they CANNOT push it away
because it has become THEIR BELIEF and they have based their WHOLE
SALVATION upon that belief!

Does the Bible teach “going to Heaven when a ‘christian’ dies?” No, it does
not! In fact, it teaches JUST THE OPPOSITE!!

Scriptures teach that ALL people go to “hell” and wait for the
resurrection. That word hell is from the Greek word “hades” which simply
means “the grave.” A hole in the ground where they place a body.

In time past, people talked about putting their potatoes “in hell for the
winter.” They would simple bury them in the ground and dig them up in the
spring (or whenever they needed them).

This knowledge that the grave is ‘hell’ and that everyone goes there before
being resurrected has led to the idea of ‘purgatory’ which most Catholics

When scripture teaches about the Beast and False prophet being cast into
“the lake of fire,” it is talking about an ACTUAL fire that is just outside
Jerusalem and is used for burning refuse and garbage. It IS NOT that
“ever-burning hell” that people have accepted into their thinking without
balancing the text of the whole bible!!

Then why all this confusion?

Because of Satan the devil and what he taught Eve in the Garden of Eden.

When he confronted Eve, he said,

“… Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree
of the garden?” Gen. 3:1

And, of course, Eve
corrected him saying they could eat of all the trees of the garden except
the tree in the “midst.” Satan then proceeded to explain that eating of the
tree of knowledge of good and evil would make them like God, knowing good
and evil.

He insinuated that God was jealous and didn’t want them to “know as much as
He did,” and was hiding the truth from them.

Thus started the first confusing statement. What was stated here was not
only the beginning of confusion because it directly opposed what God had
said, it also started the belief about “the immortal soul” in mankind when
Satan said, “Ye shall NOT surely die!”

From this one statement has come a host of beliefs held my millions of
people down through the ages that death is not death, but just separation
from God.

People will NOT accept the fact that death is THE CESSATION OF LIFE, when
all through scripture it is explained that death and life are two

They just won’t understand that people must be RESURRECTED FROM DEATH in
order to have that IMMORTAL LIFE that God has promised!

Far too many people, who mean well, just don’t understand, or WON’T
understand, that LIFE and DEATH are two OPPOSITES!!

People….God MEANS what He says!

Ezekiel 18:20 “The
soul (person, being) that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the
iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the
son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the
wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.”

scripture not only shows why people have confusion when they believe they
have an “immortal soul,” it also destroys another cherished confused belief
about the “original sin.”

Humans DIE! They don’t just live “apart from God.”

Humans also bear their OWN iniquity (sin), not the sin of their fathers,
which includes ADAM and EVE. God is righteous to not impute sin to someone
who has not committed sin.

It is also very plain FROM SCRIPTURE that a baby, at birth, is NOT a
sinner. They LEARN TO SIN from parents and others, being taught the WRONG

Romans 9:11 “(For the children being not
yet born, neither having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God
according to election might stand, not of works, but of him that

Sin is an act done by an individual that
is against what God commands, and the penalty of that sin is NOT put upon
any descendant.

However, the results of sins by parents can affect the lives of their
children later since it does bring on penalties that must be paid. It is
also the fact that parents teach children ways that are opposed to what God
commands and thus the children, as they get older, begin to sin because
they don’t know “THE WAY OF GOD.”

It has never been taught to them.

This is what was passed from Eve to her children. Especially Cain, because
he began a line of people that disobeyed God and taught their children to
disobey God. You can learn more about that in our ARCHIVED ARTICLE
entitled, “The Seed of Satan.” Why don’t you read it through with your
Bible open and see what we are talking about?

Confusion, then, is placing human teachings and traditions on the SAME
LEVEL and authority as God, or even giving them PRE-IMMINENCE over God’s

How can one overcome confusion?

So many of us are loaded down with the heavy baggage that we have learned
from some church or preacher (or more than one), and that baggage needs to

Begin to read and study YOUR BIBLE and try to put out ALL human teachings,
letting God (through His inspired Word) teach you the truth about Him and

Begin on your knees, asking God to OPEN YOUR MIND to HIS UNDERSTANDING.
Tell Him you don’t want man’s understanding….you want HIS. Then EXPECT
Him to open your mind and teach you His TRUTH!

You will literally be amazed at what you learn and begin to understand when
you “take God at His Word.”

It isn’t impossible! People do it all the time!

The hardest parts are these: Don’t expect to be able to unload all your
baggage at once, and don’t expect to be able to learn ALL THE TRUTH all at
once. It takes time!

Remember…..God WANTS to give you His Truth! He wants children in His

If you need help after you begin your individual study, then write and ask.
We will do all we can to help edify you and will NEVER knowingly tell you
any UNTRUTH about God.

It’s YOUR CHOICE, you know! You NEED TO MAKE the right one!!

When You Carry…

I recently saw this on the Internet and thought I’d comment on it. This is
similar to other posts that people put on Facebook in hopes of having you,
and other Facebook members ,to “SHARE” it… some of these even put a lot of
pressure on you to do so.

when you carry

What’s interesting about this one is, 99% of it is UNTRUE! At least no
effort was made to provide Bible backup for the statements.

“When you carry a Bible… the devil gets a

Friends, the devil is a ‘spirit being’ and doesn’t get headaches!
Headaches are a human, physical thing. So, that statement is false and if
you SHARE it, you would then be sharing falsehoods!

“When you open it… he collapses”

The devil doesn’t care if you open the Bible… he is not afraid of the
bible. The Bible is a very familiar book to him. He knows every word and
every phrase of it and he uses it to great advantage in deceiving those who
aren’t willing to hear or obey God. There are certain parts of it he
doesn’t want you to dwell on, or believe… His ministers will never preach
them as they are, without some twisting applied.

“When he sees you reading it… he faints”

As I said, there is NO BIBLE PROOF of these statements, and no effort to
find or display it… Why would he faint? He is very happy to have you read
it, as long as you don’t understand it… and he works very hard to
make sure there are multitudes of ‘interpretations’ to keep you as confused
as possible. The majority of professing Christians are very happy with
their particular brand of Christianity, so, fainting is not a problem.

“When he sees you living it… he flees”

Again, most people are deceived about “the Way” that the Bible reveals and
the way they ‘live it’ is according to one or more of the many ‘ways’ that
they have been deceived about. (REV. 12:9)

“And just when you are about to re-post this, by hitting
‘share’, he will try to discourage you”

This is the subtle gouge to make you feel like you have to ‘SHARE’ this
erroneous note. Are you discouraged from ‘sharing’ this? GOOD!

It’s all a product of the human mind, misled and directed by the deceptions
of satan… don’t waste time helping him to deceive others!

If you really want to be in ‘God’s Army’, then open your bible and study
the Ten Commandments! Learn God’s Way and repent of your
… seek Him and His mercy…

May God Bless your efforts to serve Him,


Saying Merry Christmas…

saying merry christmas

I wonder… when your “Friendship” depends on whether or not you are willing to say Merry Christmas, just how deep is that ‘Friendship’… Really?


I’m Not Perfect, but…


Millions, the world over claim to BE ‘followers of Christ’. A worthy
vocation, no doubt. However, when you question them about it, it becomes
clear that they are NOT really ‘walking in His Footsteps’, because the
majority REFUSE to walk where He walked!

Jesus came here, lived a perfect life, totally OBEDIENT to the Laws of
God… in doing so, He not only conquered the devil, He also LEFT US AN
EXAMPLE of how we are to ‘walk in His footsteps’!

1Pe_2:21 For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also
suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his

The Internet, and “Facebook” are filled up with so-called ‘inspirational’
quotes and pictures, (like the one above), all CLAIMING the NAME of Christ
and purporting to be “FOLLOWERS” of Christ.

It’s probably not gonna happen, but IF someone REALLY investigated that
PATH the Savior walked, they would probably not want to follow it!

Why? Because Human Nature is REBELLIOUS!

If one ‘walks in His footsteps’, one will have to go where He went, and DO what He did.

Most aren’t up to it, even though they CLAIM to be.

Are you sure YOU are following Him, or someone else?

Might be time to check your spiritual GPS!


Meaning of Christmas Symbols Explained

It used to be a regular thing… every Christmas, the Newspapers would
research and print, the information about where we got all our ‘Christmas
Customs’ and Traditions. Folks were intrigued and enjoyed finding out where
these things originated. That was then… this is now… Now, The majority doesn’t
want to hear it, and they are sick of people picking on Christmas! There’s
a WAR on Christmas, they say!! Well, where did those things come from, and
what do they mean… REALLY?? This old article from 2002 explains… are
you interested? If you call yourself a Christian, you should be!

Meaning of Christmas Symbols Explained
By David K. Hale,
Brigham Young University
NewsNet Staff Writer
13 Dec. 2002

(Emphasis by Seven Times Editor)

Nativities dot the landscape, carolers abound and not a lick of snow in
Provo. it must be Christmas.

In the Christian world, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of
Christ, yet traditions from mistletoe to the gift giving largesse that is
so prevalent, seems a far cry from the simplicity of Jesus Christ’s birth.

Celebrating Christmas has been controversial since its inception. Numerous
festivities found their roots in pagan practices, and were greatly frowned
upon by conservatives within the Christians world.

Despite its Christian context today, much of what defines the modern
Christmas holiday, found their roots in pagan society.

Here is a brief look at where some Christmas Traditions originated:

The Date:

There were mid-winter festivals in ancient Babylon and Egypt, and Germanic
fertility festivals which also took place at this time. The birth of the
ancient sun god Attis in Phrygia was celebrated on December 25th, as was
the birth of the Persian sun god, Mithras, according to

The Romans celebrated Saturnalia, a festival dedicated to Saturn, the god
of peace and plenty, that ran from the 17th to 24th of December. Public
gathering places were decorated with flowers, gifts and candles were
exchanged and the population, slaves and masters alike, celebrated the
occasion with great enthusiasm.

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, in Scandanavia a period of
festivities known as Yule contributed another impetus to celebration, as
opposed to spirituality. As winter ended the growing season, the
opportunity of enjoying the summer’s bounty encouraged much feasting and


The Celtic culture of the British Isles revered all green plants, but
particularly mistletoe and holly. These were important symbols of fertility
and were used for decorating their homes and altars, stated Lady Anna, contributing writer.

Santa Claus:

Also known as Father Christmas, the myths and legends surrounding Santa
Claus are a mixture of pagan customs from differing regions.

According to, Santa Claus is a corruption of the name “Saint
Nicholas”, a Roman Catholic Bishop who lived in the 4th century. He was a
saint honored by the Greeks and Latins on December 6th, for the legendary
bestowal of dowries on the three daughters of an impoverished citizen –
said to originate the custom of giving gifts in secret on the eve of St.
Nicholas, December 6th, later transferred to Christmas Day.

The legend of Santa Claus entering the house through the chimney, and the
hanging of socks and stockings by the fire-place, relates to the ancient
superstitions around hearth spirits. The Chinese and others would
traditionally sweep and scour the house in preparation for the visit by the
hearth spirit. Dressed in a pointed red cap and red jacket, this fire god
traveled from the heavens above, visiting homes to distribute favors or

The Tree:

The concept of the Christmas Tree originated around 3000 B.C. in ancient
Egypt with King Osiris and Queen Isis, according to

After the death of King Osiris, his wife, Isis, propagated the doctrine of
the survival of Osiris as a spirit. She claimed a full-grown evergreen tree
sprang overnight from a dead stump, symbolizing the new life of the Osiris
spirit from his death. On each anniversary of Osiris’ birth, which was the
date we know know as December 25th, Isis would leave gifts around his tree.

During the middle ages, the Germans believed the evergreen trees were
especially imbued with life since they remained green throughout all of
winter. Greenery was prominent in pagan winter celebrations in honor of the
tree spirit or spirit of fertility.

The Romans trimmed the trees with trinkets and toys at that time of year.
The Druids tied gilded apples to tree branches. For many, a tree decorated
with orbs and fruit-like objects symbolized the tree of life in the Garden
of Eden.

Despite pagan origins, many of today’s Christmas traditions have given way
to Christian interpretations.

Copyright 2003 BYU NewsNet

Many sincere individuals will be ‘keeping’ Christmas this year, but,
will they be Pleasing Christ? 

“So, if you are celebrating any of the western traditions of Christmas this year, remember that you are actually enjoying the rituals and activities of several ancient religions whose traditions have been borrowed by the Christians over the years for the celebration of the birth of Christ.” –  Royce Carlson

The Awesome Mind of God

A Yale University astronomer recently suggested that the
estimate of the number of stars could be as much as three times more than
previously estimated. The new estimate is 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.
This number is called 300 sextillion in the United States, or 300 trilliard
in Europe. Did you know that the Great God calls them all by

That’s how the Article starts out…. and, it’s worth the read!


This world has some really smart people, but they can’t compare to the Great God!

I recommend this one…