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Nothing Truthful About Christmas!

Nothing Truthful About Christmas!
NOVEMBER 1st – All Hallows
As often happens, I was having breakfast in the restaurant this morning, and over heard some men talking about the kids coming to their doors the night before… Trick or Treating, and asking for candy. Well, they were talking about how many kids had come to their doors, and how much they enjoyed giving out candy to the ‘little kids’, but also how little they enjoyed having the ‘big kids’ coming around… I guess it’s all about the little ones… anyway, one man was telling how this very young boy knocked and when he opened the door, he gave the child some candy, and the little boy looked up to him and said, “Thank you sir, and Merry Christmas!” They all had a good chuckle over that, and then, one of them said, “you know what? It won’t be long until Christmas!”… the other guy remarked, “Boy!!! Ain’t THAT the truth?”

Yes, I wanted to jump up and say, NO! It’s NOT!, but, I kept quiet…
Well, being as it was November 1st, then sure, it was the truth that the annual celebration of Christ’s Birth was soon to be celebrated, but, NO, that celebration has little, if anything to do with “The Truth”!!
I wanted to say, “No, there is nothing ‘truthful’ about Christmas!” it’s all ‘tradition’ and those traditions are all built on falsehood!
I know you’ve heard it all before, but it really helps me to write these things down and ponder them, to study the Bible and SEE the TRUTH about Christ’s Birth and so SEE the absence of the things that most ‘believers’ claim to recognize and celebrate at that time of year…
The Truth:
Christ was NOT born in a manger! Yes, I’ve heard that He was, but, the FACT is, He was born in a STABLE and ‘laid in a manger’…
The Truth:
The Wise men, were not there at the stable… they came much later and found Him in a “HOUSE”… He was no longer a ‘babe’, but a ‘young child’.. maybe as much as two years old….
The Truth:
He was given three gifts, but, NOT as ‘birthday’ presents… They were traditional gifts that were given to a KING!
The Truth:
Christ was born in Bethlehem, but NOT on ‘Christmas Eve’!
These facts and many other truths about the ‘christmas’ celebration, are well known to God’s People, and yet, they are NOT known, to the majority of this world! … Oh, yes, they have been shown to be what they are, Pagan Customs and symbols used by the heathen to worship their false gods, but, really, that doesn’t seem to bother anyone! They see it in Newspapers every year, they hear it on Radio and it’s ‘interesting’, but, nothing to be concerned about, they think!
The Book of Revelation tells us that the devil has DECEIVED the whole world.. but, even that revelation doesn’t seem to raise any concern… after all, the majority have been lead to believe that Jesus came here to ‘rescue’ us from the Law and the Old Covenant… they’ve been told that only cults still cling to and observe those burdensome things… While, they, on the other hand, are now FREE to worship God as they please… “Christian Freedom”, they call it!
So, every year, they get busy and DECORATE their homes and property with thousands of dollars worth of ‘Christmas Decorations’… TREES, LIGHTS, fake snow, and tons of other ornaments- plastic, inflatable snowmen, and reindeer…
Santa Claus is coming to town!

Then, as the radio and TV slowly begin to play more and more ‘christmas carols’, the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ begins to build… soon, it stirs up their desire to GIVE and SHARE the good things… the Good Gifts… the Charitable donations… They begin to get concerned for the ‘homeless’, they begin to collect coats and shoes and all sorts of items that they feel will both be a help, AND a witness, to the homeless.. They collect toys for all the poor, unfortunate little boys and girls, who, without these loving donations, just won’t have a Christmas!
…the Cakes and candy and all the sweets and sights and sounds that they grew up with… All that NOSTALGIA!!! ..they begin to rush around, searching for that ‘perfect gift’, and it’s often a long list of friends and family that they have to buy for!
Soon, the News is filled with stories of traffic jams and injuries to some shoppers who had to FIGHT to get a certain item… Hustle and bustle… all the things that seem to happen earlier and earlier every year… Christmas Sales, Christmas Parties… All part and parcel of their efforts to ‘Worship Christ’ on His Birthday!
But, the TRUTH is, that none of those things have anything to do with Christ!

The truth is, God the Father, and Christ, the Son, are NOT looking forward to that celebration! They are not ‘wanting it’, ‘expecting it’, or ‘desiring it’…
The Truth is, ALL THOSE things do not worship and honor the Son… they are all PAGAN to the core, and are the very things God Himself commanded His people NOT to do!

Yes, it won’t be long until Christmas! And, then, like a bubble popping, it will be over… Suddenly, all that ‘Christmas Spirit’ will dissipate. Then, the exhaustion, and depression will set in…. You’ll hear many saying, “Boy! I’m glad that’s over”!! …and lots of people will be asking you, “Did you have a good Christmas?”… and, you, the Christian, will have the opportunity to answer that question…

Who knows, maybe your answer will inspire someone to open their Bibles and check to SEE just how ‘truthful’ the Christmas Celebration really is…
God Bless…