What Would This World Be Like Without Christmas?


It’s December again, and the ‘Christmas Fervor” is beginning to grip the minds and hearts of those who claim Christ. They are beginning to get excited about the holiday and the opportunity to ‘worship Jesus’ on the 25th of the month. People are beginning to wish others a “Merry Christmas”, and “Happy Holidays”… Christmas ornaments… Trees, Wreaths, and all sorts of lighted and large, inflatable figures are being purchased or dragged out of storage, to be set up and turned on… the houses and properties will soon be lit up and the neighbors will be scrambling to catch-up and get their displays ready for the gawkers and lookiloo’s to admire and enjoy.

Then, of course, there is all the shopping that absolutely MUST be done! First of all, for the children! Because after all, Christmas is for, and all about, the Children. The Christian Faith demands that no child be forgotten at Christmas time… But, we must be careful to not let the shopping and decorations and the traditional music cause us to forget the ‘main reason’ for the Season.

What is the ‘main reason’ for the Season? JESUS CHRIST?

That’s what I’m told.. and, every year, there are some who say that there is a WAR on Christmas… Those who are concerned about this, are sure that the enemies of Christ are bound and determined to

To those believers, the Christmas Holiday is the Celebration of Christ’s Birth! An opportunity to ‘worship Jesus’, to honor Him on His birthday, AND, an opportunity to PREACH JESUS, because, (they say), others will be more willing to listen and hear the message at Christmas Time.

To them, HE is the REASON for the SEASON.

I recently had a discussion with one such Believer, and I got a better idea of just how sincere and dedicated someone can be.

Here are a few examples:

“Jesus is the only reason for Christmas”

“Jesus IS Christmas”

Those dedicated believers who keep the Holiday, can’t understand why anyone would not want to observe it…

“,,,If, in your heart, you can’t celebrate the Birth of Jesus, what is in your heart?”

‘(God, the Father)’, “…started Christmas, and gave the greatest Gift of all, Jesus.”

But Wait! DID God, The Father, really ‘start Christmas’??? Is He the one who thought it up, and set it all in motion? Do all the trees and lights and decorations honor the Son? Do all those “Christmas Customs” and all that “Christmas Music” really help us “WORSHIP JESUS” as He deserves and desires to be worshiped?

Surely, a sincere and dedicated CHRISTIAN would want to worship Him, both, in SPIRIT, and in TRUTH! Right?

Christmas has arrived once a year for all the years I’ve been alive… every year and then, every year again… over and over, Every Year!! What would the world be like, without Christmas???

What is the goal of Christmas?

From what I can tell,

The 1st goal of Christmas is to Worship Christ and Honor Him on His Birthday! To do ‘good deeds’ and share the LOVE.

The 2nd goal of Christmas, is to preach Christ and spread the ‘gospel message’ about Christ… (because more folks will listen at Christmas Time)

The 3rd goal is to celebrate and have a wonderful time with FAMILY and FRIENDS… to give each other GIFTS and make many, many more wonderful Holiday Memories… to grow and increase the NOSTALGIA and thereby to perpetuate the TRADITION forever….

How could God not be pleased? How could He not also ENJOY and APPRECIATE the efforts of so many Believers, to focus their WORSHIP on His Precious Son? How could He not also CELEBRATE and REJOICE with them as they continually, every year, STRIVE to Share the LOVE and DO GOOD WORKS – Setting an example for Generations to come??

Christmas time is a ‘good time of the year’ for those less fortunate… those who are financially embarrassed and can’t afford to provide a Tree and Lights and GIFTS for their kids and each other… and those who are even more worse off, those who, for what ever reason, don’t have a home… those who live on the street, well, Christmas Time is a good time for them, because millions of believers strive to help those folks by providing them with warm coats and food and shelter… and, millions of TOYS will be donated and collected by well-meaning individuals and groups, because it’s just isn’t right that any child not be able to enjoy and have, a ‘GOOD CHRISTMAS’!!

Another quote, “I will (celebrate Christmas) because of the ‘THANKFULNESS’ in my heart for all Jesus has done.”

“I don’t understand how anyone who knows Jesus, and all He has done, (would) not want to do EVERYTHING to show ‘THANKFULNESS’….”

“I celebrate Christmas so others can SEE my ‘THANKFULNESS’!”

The message seems to be, that if one doesn’t Celebrate Christmas, then, they are just NOT THANKFUL!!!

So, what about it? Are you ‘Thankful’? Do God, the Father and The Lord Jesus join in and celebrate with the millions who participate? Is “CHRISTMAS”, God’s idea and does He expect all Christians to be involved each year??

Is God REALLY seeking someone to worship Him? Is God “THANKFUL” for the worship?

Does God really care ‘HOW’ He is Worshiped, or is He simply glad and happy that anyone is even willing to give Him some worship?

Has He given up trying to get people to worship Him ‘HIS WAY’, and become willing to take whatever we humans are willing to give Him?

Most of the millions who keep and celebrate Christmas have a Bible and many of them carry it to Church every sunday… some even READ their Bibles and a few study it so they can take part in church services by preaching…

Surely they have already SEEN the Biblical passages that relate the beginning of the Christmas Holiday… the passages that show God issuing the directions necessary for His people to keep and observe it every year… Surely they have read and understand the passages that explain the REASONS for the various customs and decorations and how to use them properly… and surely they are THANKFUL enough to make sure they get the very best TREE they can find, and to preach these things to their Congregations, and children, every year so they will never forget how Christmas is God’s idea and how He and Jesus made it part of the plan for mankind… Surely….

What would this world be like, without Christmas?

I can’t wait to find out!

“… Thank God for The Coming World Tomorrow”!!!

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