The ‘Complete Story’

Some say, that each human is born with a ‘conscience’.

Some say that this ‘conscience’ tells us that stealing, lying, killing and adultry are wrong.

In other words, we are born ‘knowing those things’! !
(I, personally, believe that we are born with a blank slate and that we are taught those things as we live and grow… Parents, teachers, preachers, all contribute to this programming of the conscience)

However, there are ‘wrong things’ that we do not automatically ‘know’ are wrong.

We are not ‘born knowing’ that breaking the Sabbath is wrong… or, that Coveting the belongings of others it wrong….

We are not ‘born knowing’ that it is wrong to use the Name of the God who made us as a curse word, or an expression of disgust.

The Law of God is the ‘complete story‘… that ‘complete story’ is what Adam and Eve rejected in the Garden… they were convinced that it was A-OK to go ahead and ‘decide for themselves’, what was ‘right and wrong’… they chose to take that priviledge to themselves and to forgo getting the ‘complete story‘ by being obedient to God’s Command and having opportunity to take from that Tree of Life!!

Those Two Trees… they DID represent something!!

They represented the Right Way of Life, as opposed to the Wrong Way of Life!!

They represented God’s definition of ‘Right and Wrong’ as opposed to the serpent’s LIMITED DEFINITION….

Trying to live one’s life by a limited defintion of Right and Wrong is the WAY of Death… Believing, and Obeying the True God, and keeping His Commandments, are THE WAY to Life Eternal.

Most of us grow up living our lives with that ‘limited definition’ written on our Conscience!! Those are ‘good things’!! Yes, but they are not the whole, complete story!! They are not the ‘programming’ that we need to allow our conscience to serve us correctly.

Most people will tell you that they ‘know right from wrong’! Most of them will tell you that they have always known it, from birth!

Rom_7:7 What shall we say then? Is the law sin? Certainly not! On the contrary, I would not have known sin except through the law. For I would not have known covetousness unless the law had said, “YOU SHALL NOT COVET.”

Obviously, the Apostle Paul was not ‘born knowing right from wrong’!! That is, not with the whole, complete story, written on his heart(conscience).

We humans are born into this world, and for the most part, grow up with that ‘limited definition’ of Right and Wrong… that limited definition of SIN written on our ‘Conscience’… and the firm belief that all we have to do is LISTEN to that ‘still, small voice’ and it will guide us to do right!

Friends, a ‘Limited Definition’ is FAULTY DEFINITION!! Following a faulty definition, (even though the limited info is TRUE) will NOT result in LIFE Everlasting!

If we want to Live Forever, we need three things: THE WAY of life that includes having the True, Full, defintion of SIN, so we can know and know that we know, RIGHT FROM WRONG!

We need THE TRUTH!! … Lies and partial definitions will only lead to DEATH!

We need THE LIFE of a begotten Child of God that will allow us the full and unfettered CONTACT with the True God of the Universe… That Great and powerful Holy Spirit residing in our minds, leading and guiding us to have that fully, and correctly programmed, Conscience we need to be able to LIVE that LIFE in a way that is truly PLEASING to God and His Holy Son!!

WE NEED JESUS!! He is The Way, The Truth and The Life!


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