About Us.

Ken, Editor The Founder’s name is Ken Browder. He began his extensive study of God’s Word in 1962 and has been a member of the Body of Christ since 1968. He is assisted by several long-time members who act as counsel on scriptural matters. We are seventh-day Sabbath keeping people as commanded by God in Leviticus 23 who are reaching out with God’s real truth in the midst of a lot of confusing and misleading teachings about the Bible and its scriptures. We try desperately and prayerfully to read and teach the scriptures for what they say, and not for what we think they say. We are God’s children by the begettal and in-dwelling of His Holy Spirit, His Magnificent Mind, and try to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, as He demands to be worshipped.

  • We believe GOD IS.
  • We believe God is ALL POWERFUL (Mark 10:27 and 14:26) who can and will keep the promises He has made to us.
  • We believe Jesus came from Him to pay the penalty for our sins, to bring God’s Message of the coming Kingdom of God, and to teach us His way.
  • We believe Jesus was resurrected from the dead back to immortal life as the FIRST of many firstfruits (Rev. 14:4) to be resurrected at His coming.
  • We believe that only God and Jesus have immortality at this time (1 Tim 6:15-16).
  • We believe that those firstfruits in the first resurrection will then attain immortality in the Family of God. (Rom. 1:7; 1 Cor. 15:53-54).
  • We believe God commands us to observe the seventh-day sabbath as noted in Gen. 2:1 and Lev. 23.
  • We believe God commands us to observe His annual Holy Days as noted in Lev. 23.
  • We believe we are the children of God when we are begotten by the indwelling of His Holy Spirit and we believe we become JOINT-HEIRS with Christ at the first resurrection (Rom 8:14-17).

And other things we believe which will be expounded in the pages of  SEVEN TIMES. We also maintain a mailing list for hard-copies of our SEVEN TIMES to those who don’t have online access although finances make those mailings few and far between. They are free and are mailed to those who request them. Issues of the newsletter are printed when and if we receive enough money to take care of those necessities. However, the newsletter is still free to anyone who wants it. We are supported by tithes and offerings of others who want to become co-workers with us in dispensing the Gospel in this end time.   Ken Browder, 1932-2010

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  • Samantha McClure:

    I will always love you granddad. I know you are fine with leaving this earth, but you are very very much missed. You taught me alot about life and the lord. I’m so thankful i had you in my life and for as long as i did. You put up with my horrible teen years. Not what a granddad is signed on to do, but you did it. I will be in forever debt to your kind heart. You made me the lady i am today. I know the lord has you now and you are a very important part of this team called life. On the good team, of coarse. I hope i can make you proud. You will never leave my heart, my mind, and my soul. You live forever!

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