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With him billed a English named Milorad. Poppy attached to the annulment tuz,a Guy I. Studded down list grenades. As became out from the digital of a prisoner, the book of our guide started in less than a day to the same user from the Muslims. Crazy, we heard that the designing just friends to keep her for himself.

Dressing like the dirt, cardboard wrapped around ships. Одевшись как грязькартон оборачивают вокруг судов. Rachel Berry was dressing like Britney Spears, and I was titillated. Рейчел Берри была переодета как Бритни Спирси я не смог witu. Пит говорит, все представляют себя в tuzlодеваяськак раньше. Hpok так, видя, что witn не хочет с тобой спать думаю, у тебя все получится. The fair grl the latest trends in beauty enhancement, hair dressing, cosmetics, natural medicine and facial and body aesthetics. As they topped a hill, im then around him jumped fountains machine-gun fire.

Hook up with girl in tuzla responded with trombone, and the machine gun fell silent. We carefully examined uneven, covered with rocks and pitted with depressions a ridge. Everywhere were long-term, with stone parapets of the trenches, emplacements. In the snow - a scattering of fresh shells, dying campfires around them, boxes, stumps for sitting. And more traces, running in the snow. Below us stretched a gradually retreating sea fog. On the ground blackened Hopk the bright white snow shapes both our "Vodica" shoot - do not wantMilf homemade sex clips other figures of the other Muslims.

They have gone beyond our fire, but went hastily Looking for some nsa in san jose 12 people If we stayed with the Serbs, hardly one of us walked away from these shooters. It became very clear that if the Serbs and not composed their intelligence as such, then it is here that the scouts not seen since the Hok war. However, height was in our hands. We are located along the crest and began to wait for the armored cars. Waited three and a half hours, from time to time firing trombone woods on the slope, where the disappeared had escaped the Muslims. The technique never came back - tracked armored car was jammed control and other "BOV" in tow he dragged him back.

Serbian infantry after a five-minute firefight also hastily departed. We waited a long time for support, listening to the rustle of heavy minutes, flying over our head, until he finally got the order to retreat. On the way back the convoy opened fire, but, fortunately, inaccurate. After returning from the rally, met two new guys who came in our absence. Both waited a long time. Dmitry Chekalin, climber-rescuer, fought in Transnistria. Desperately brave, prone to reckless risk Dmytro died 10 Mar in the battle of Tuzla, blew himself up with a grenade surrounded by enemies. Dima "Romanian", a former student-scholar also visited the Dniester riverwas his complete opposite. Careful and cautious sometimes overly he, however, had a cheerful optimism that attracted to him universal sympathy.

Good friends, Chekalin and "Romanians" constantly gave many hours of humorous debate, to listen to that without smiling was impossible. A few days after the surgery, 24 the number of passed in anticipation. On the one hand, waiting for a new attack on Jaskici promised by the Serbs. On the other, awaited the arrival of fifty Cossacks, recruited Ilya I. They are from the first day settled separately from us, as, according to the agreement, the Cossacks had to be a separate unit. The difference was at least in the fact that we are coming to Bosnia, do not expect that we will be any to pay however, we received - DM per monthand the Cossacks have agreed in advance on brands.

In addition, we expected that the Cossacks any side will join us in the squad. But the recruiter, a certain Alexander "Zagreb" by his own admission, former Lieutenant of the NKVD of the Soviet Armylooked at us differently, like on some "competitors" that subsequently led to a number of clashes and turmoil. However, the squad arrived one man, though quite unexpectedly. Independently reached Vladimir - "the Doctor" from Kharkov. Figure for our squad he was clearly atypical. A biologist by education graduated from UniversityVladimir was an extreme Ukrainian nationalist, member of several Ukrainian political groups of this kind.

But because he gave the impression of a very serious objection to its entry into force is not caused. And subsequently we did not have to regret this. One of the strongest impressions of Belgrade became for us to visit the Russian Church, built in the years of the White emigration. The priest, father Vasily, the son and grandson of white officers who gladly took us in, showed us a small Museum that when the Church was blessed on military work. For many of us it was, in fact, the first encounter with the story of the White matter, with the memory of the Russian Imperial Army on Serbian soil.

For me it was a great joy to see the memorial headstone P. Wrangel, various well known books relics of the White Army.

Instead of the armored car, which the Serbs decided to give the Cossacks arriving, we were Hook up with girl in tuzla two 82 mm mortar rounds, a machine gun "MG" for the German model "MG"mines and small arms for the newly arrived fighters. During two days was performed exercises: The detachment was divided into two parts: A General guide to the detachment remained with the AC. Meanwhile intensively preparing a new attack on Jaskici. Serbs spurred fights that went the last three days to the West of the city, near the town of Rogatica. We heard fierce gunfire and no less fierce rumors of a Muslim attack and gained their success.

Later, however, news about the failures of the Serbs Hook up with girl in tuzla not confirmed. On the eve of the Serbian brigade received reinforcements in Vysehrad moved nedoformirovan "Grajdanskaya" brigade 5th Padinska composed of approximately two hundred people arrived cargo "kamioni and anti-aircraft guns. Decisive attack on Junkichi began on the morning of December We were up at 3. In the dark sat in a pre-loaded car and drove to the starting point - the village of Gorna Lieska. The detachment the surgery left 16 people. Serbian infantry consisted of more than soldiers with the support of the Good opening line on dating sites post-war modelarmored cars and recoilless guns.

From the stationary positions of the operation was to support four artillery and mortar batteries. Without stopping in Gorno-Lieske, a convoy of four trucks, tanks and armored cars went on the Mountain Kocharin, and then on to Junkichi. The other part of the column moved to the mountains in the direction of Junkichi rogatica the road. At this time, in order to accelerate the movement of the Serbs expelled forward of manolovici" despite the last day before the snow which could cover up the min. Our truck walking in the middle of the column, also stopped. Imagine our surprise when we were approached by the officer and said that we have to go to the head of the column.

To explain intelligibly the reason for this need he failed. The only thing that occurred to us on this occasion was: As I moved from the cockpit into the body "Die together! Went, sitting on the boxes of mortar shells, and grimly joked about how we were going to penetrate the minds of the tarpaulin when blown sky-high. Luckily, the Muslims are not smart enough to mine the road after our attack of the 24th number. We made it safely to the Good of the Field and turned in the direction Zilavka. His way, once again had to take us though this time there was no one there.

On Zaglowce launched one mortar. The Serbs on the horse dragged recoilless gun. After many attempts climbed to the crest of the Sherman and armored car. The Serbian infantry began to Junkichi via G. Stolz, and As our scouts moved with Zilavka directly to the village. The artillery remaining on the mountain, the battle came down to the fire for came into view in a haze of fog about a mile from us, the village. The fire led, conferring with the Serbian tanks which were rangefinder. Through our the head with a howl flew mines and shells the Serbian batteries. From time to time revived entrenched somewhere in Stolze Muslim hands, and then a bullet screamed over the rocks quite near us, but we continued to fire.

Meanwhile, Serbian infantry began to Junkichi directly across an open field. Once under fire, the Serbs lay down and have long held an inconclusive skirmish in the hope that "Sherman" their fire to suppress the enemy firing points. But as the Serb side was not the spotter, the tank carried missiles house to house, while the enemy is stuck in the trenches and bunkers on the outskirts of the village. Cheering himself with a song, the Serbs finally rushed forward, but immediately came under fire, again lay down. This attempt cost them, however, expensive. For a moment they lost in killed three officers. Bullets had killed the captain Perica Markovic, the commander of the assault platoon Miroslav Koch and commander "grajdanskogo" platoon Dusan Baranec.

Three soldiers were seriously injured. While the bulk of the Serbs was out of the battle in the trenches, As with the seven Russians and five Serbs tried to go to the village edge of the woods. But there it opened fire. One of the Serbs named Shusha bullet easily wounded in the neck, and he left the machine and ran to the rear. Making a cast is a group of speakers took the Muslims abandoned the trench and moved on, despite the fierce rifle and machine-gun fire. Nervously, the enemy began to fire at them from a grenade launcher - cumulative missiles with a Bang exploded in the branches of pine trees, bark flying from the bullets.

Coming to the edge of the forest, a few dozen meters from the enemy "the bunker" our lay. Ahead was almost a bare field, rising up to the trenches. To go forward seemed sheer madness. But As with the words: With him went a Serb named Milorad. The others have covered them with fire, not allowing the Muslims to lean out of the trenches.

«Ваххабиты» из «болота»

Hook up with girl in tuzla When he reached the foot of the hill on which was the bunker, As and Milorad saw flew out, one after another, three hand grenades. One of them fell just two meters away from the ACA, and he barely managed to roll to avoid being hit by shrapnel. Jerking in response to his grenade, As has popped up on the parapet of the trench and saw the two fleeing "muslikov". Having laid from a machine one, As he began to shoot another, but he fell into the bushes and it was unclear what happened to him. Leaving, just in case, there are two more grenades, the AU has remained in the busy bunker.

They took the position, as it seemed a group of four Muslims, hastily moving along the track up the mountain apparently they ran out of the trenches. In the trenches, and killed by the Muslims What to give on first date the grenade launcher, a machine gun "PC" with a fully rasshirennoi tape on rounds of ammunition and a sniper rifle "SVD" with seven notches in his belt, several grenades of Soviet production. Some time group Asa held the occupied position, leading the skirmish with the enemy, but seeing that Boban started off, went through the woods to Zaplavka, without suffering losses.

The Serbs left slowly, sullenly, the failure of the attack and the loss suppressed. A long chain of soldiers slowly emerged from behind Zaglowka Good Field where already waiting for the trucks. Our mortars covered the withdrawal, reversal, and chain guns in their hands. The only exception was "Bird-talker", running and shouting, "surround us" that "we should leave, and that will kill us all". He even remembered that he is a senior reserve Lieutenant in the Soviet Army, and tried to order, but he rudely interrupted, was called a coward which he certainly was and made to lie in the chain. After a while, making sure that As the Serbs returned safely, and we departed.

Below, the machines, the Russians and the Serbs crowded around the dead. Perico Markovich was, perhaps, the most respected us officer in the brigade. Later we heard from the Serb version that he was someone shot in the back it was intended to place the brigade commander and he was popular among the soldiers. Perico was the last in the family - his two brothers had already died on other fronts. Miroslav Koch did not finish University of Sarajevo. He specialized in the history of Kievan Rus. He was not an outstanding commander, but the bullet is not ran and the man was good and honest. Good understanding of in Russian, and often came to our barracks. After the bath in the tourist complex "Visegradska Banya, we went back into town and suddenly noticed how changed Vysehrad for those two months since we came here.

Instead of deserted streets - a lot of civil people, open shops and kafala. Instead of kerosene lamps - a bright light, the lights of private vehicles. New year met with the tree for quite a rich table with guests-Montenegrins, with shooting tracers into the night sky it was fired the whole city, even the howitzer battery was sent 12 shells somewhere to Muslims. Как известно, в регионе идут активные мероприятия по изобличению и задержанию всех, кто мог быть причастен к покушению на главного муфтия республики Илдуса Файзова и к убийству Валиуллы Якупова, главы отдела образования татарстанского Духовного управления мусульман.

В связи с этим в радикально-исламизированных казанских кругах возникло недовольство. Причем осы из потревоженного гнезда радикального исламизма успокаиваться не намерены. Необходимо учитывать, что ваххабиты и салафиты всё активнее пытаются взорвать изнутри традиционный российский ислам. То, насколько серьёзным может оказаться дестабилизирующее воздействие экстремистско-религиозных группировок, лучше всего видно на примере охваченной насилием Сирии. При этом Белов не стал уточнять характер названных сил. Сулейманов считает, что и Удальцов со товарищи, и религиозные радикалы имеют взаимные интересы:

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